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Three years back in New York have flown by and NYC Foodscape has made a lot of great connections and worked on many fronts in the food and farming world in New York City, from urban farms like The Battery Urban Farm, Manhattan CTGFood Systems Network NYCCommunities IMPACT Diabetes Center and Nourishing USA among others. The local food world in New York is vibrant, filled with creative, committed and visionary advocates, activists and entrepreneurs. From different vantage points, all of us are working to create a sustainable regional food system that provides all New Yorkers with healthy food and promote economic development in our city and around the region.

Often lost in policy discussions, brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings and fundraising plans is the whole point of our work: the beauty of the food itself, the love of growing and nurturing plants into food to put on our tables, and the imaginative and delicious culinary innovations that our work helps foster. This blog returns NYC Foodscape to the source of its inspiration: the local food we love to eat. It documents the food journey so many of us have taken, spotlights the food heroes who grow, produce and cook our food and celebrates the food traditions that inspire us to create and share our own recipes, gardens, food events and food writings. Welcome to our blog.


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