Take the “Journey of the Taco” on Saturday, October 19 at Children’s Workshop Garden at Campos

IMG_5082 Campos Community Garden is participating in the Children’s Workshop School’s Harvest Festival being held Saturday, October, 17, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 3 pm. We will be hosting a few activities for the kids and their parents within the garden. Activities will include:

11 to 1:30 – Journey of the Taco – Garden members will be leading kids and families through the garden and show them where the raw ingredients for corn tortillas and taco fillings are growing (i.e., the corn, beans, peppers, green onions, tomatoes, tomatillos, herbs). They will gather a few of the ingredients and we’ll show them how to make tortillas from scratch, and we’ll press and grill them up fresh for homemade tacos. We’ll give you recipes for making your own tortillas, and for fresh-from-the-garden taco fillings like frijoles, salsa verde and salsa fresca, roasted poblanos with queso blanco.
The bulk of the tortillas and taco fillings that we will be making and serving for lunch are graciously being supplied by Matilda and Cafecito restaurants and NYC Foodscape.
1:3to 3:00 – Daffodil/Tulip bulb planting – We’ll have bulbs for kids to plant around the perimeter of the garden’s perennial and other flower beds. The kids will write their names on popsicle sticks in order to label where they’ve planted their bulb, so that they may identify their flower when it blooms in the spring.
(TBD) Bokashi composting demonstration/workshop  – Bokashi expert Shig Matsukawa will be on hand at the festival to give a workshop/demo of the Bokashi composting system that transforms food waste into a healthy, natural, fermented fertilizer that produces beneficial micronutrients to feed and enhance your soil. 
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Campos Community Garden is located on E. 12th Street between Avenues B and C in Manhattan. 

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