Thank You NYWCA — NYC Foodscape and Carolyn Zezima Member Feature

As a proud member of the New York Women’s Culinary Association, I am honored to have been featured for my work and my diverse culinary career in its special, Member Feature section. The best part of the feature is that it highlights the inherent connection between the food we eat and the policies and practices that create a healthy, local and sustainable food system.

“Meet Carolyn Zezima, president of NYC Foodscape, which helps advocate and advise start-up and emerging food and farming enterprises and nonprofits. Her blog ( features stories, recipes and photos of local artisanal food, NYC food events, community gardening and the food heroes who grow, produce and cook our local food. Carolyn has been a member of the Alliance since 2011.”
To see the full feature, click Carolyn Zezima.


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