Campos’ Young Neighbors Help Plant Children’s Garden


This year’s garden had a bit of late start, but once the beds were constructed and filled in mid-June, planting began in earnest. Young volunteers came by and helped plant the four raised beds with a diverse array of vegetables and herbs, almost anything you can thing of, from tomatoes and peppers, to dill to okra and greens. They learned how to handle young plants, dig the right hole to loosen the soil, and plant and water them.

Here are two neighbors helping plant greens and herbs:

















IMG_7277 IMG_7279 IMG_7280 IMG_7282 IMG_7288


Another local boy learns about okra and peppers.

IMG_7256 IMG_7257

Because of their unusual shape (85″ x 12″ x 67″ x 36″ x 57”), each bed is quite large (approx. 25 square feet) and can fit an amazing number of plants, but designed so even most kids can reach most areas of the bed.

NYC Foodscape started many of the plants and the remainder came from Silver Heights Nursery Farm,  the premiere grower of organic heirloom and other unusual varieties of plants. Thank you, Trina Pilonero for your support!

Here’s a guide to what the kids planted in each of the four beds:

Bed #1: Tomato Garden


Super Zagross Middle Eastern Cucumber
Crystal Apple Cucumber
Sikkim Cucumber
Boothby’s Blonde Cucumber
Ailsa Craig Tomato
Beam’s Yellow Pear Tomato
Borghese Italian Tomato
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Purple Passion Tomato
Trophy Tomato
Cherry Tomato
Italian Basil
Purple Basil

DSC_0270Bed #2: Summer Vegetables

Super Zagross Middle Eastern Cucumber
Crystal Apple Cucumber
Sikkim Cucumber
Boothby’s Blonde Cucumber
Chervena Chuska Pepper (2)
Carmagnola Sweet Pepper

IMG_7263Sunrise Orange Bell
Golden Greek Pepperoncini
Frigatiello di Napoli Pepper
Cayenne Long Slim Pepper
Tabasco Hot Pepper
Shishito Hot Pepper
Udumalatapei Eggplant (2)
Kurume Long Purple Eggplant
Casper Eggplant
Violetta Lunge Precoce Eggplant
Antigua Eggplant
Burmese Okra
Clemson Spineless Okra
Star of David Okra
Italian Basil
Purple Basil
Thai Basil


DSC_0261Bed #3: Herbs and Perennials

Strawberries (3)
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Habanero Pepper
Imperial Star Artichoke
East Indian Lemongrass
Provence Lavender
Prostrate Rosemary
Hot and Spicy Oregano
Garden Sage
Striped Sage
Garden Chives
Italian Basil
Lemon Thyme
English Thyme
Lemon Verbena
Bee Balm

IMG_7439Bed #4: Beans and Greens

Provider Bush
Fin de Bagnol
Fava Beans
Summer Savory
Bouquet Dill
Lemon Balm
Perpetual Spinach Swiss Chard
Lacinato Kale

IMG_7446 IMG_7437

Up Next…Planting the Three Sisters’ Garden!

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