Slow Spring, Pretty Garden

2015 spring planting began in earnest in April and May and we saw plants, from newly seeded, to annuals, returning perennials, fall bulbs, wintered over greens and even some volunteers start growing up through the soil. The cool weather has hindered some flowering for peas but they started stretching themselves, while other roots and shoots appeared throughout late April and into May.

Here’s a short photo tour of the early plants of Children’s Garden at Campos and a preview of what we are planning to be a big step up in gardening and food programming for youth at the garden. In an upcoming post, we’ll show you a map of the garden’s plants, and highlight the new project in the garden, an herb spiral, which we will build with the help of the Boys Club of New York.

Lettuce peeking out of straw bales
Asian braising mix
New trellis for climbing peas
Peas starting to look for a place to climb
Garlic planted last fall with wintered-over plants
Herbs recovering from a rough winter
Asparagus plants — countdown to year 3 harvest begins!

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