Head to Campos Garden During 4th Annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival for Full Plate of Children’s Arts & Food Workshops


The 2015 Harvest Arts Festival in the Gardens organized by LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens) and sponsored in part by Howl! returns next weekend for its fourth year. This free multidimensional arts festival “reflects the creative spirit of the neighborhood and the integral part that community gardens play in the culture and life of Loisaida.” Over 35 gardens around Manhattan’s Lower East Side have designed programs and workshops for any artistic and horticultural taste, from dance to poetry to theater to art installations to live music to food workshops and tastings to kids activities.

Last year’s festival dovetailed with the historic People’s Climate March in New York City and featured many climate-focused programs, performances and activities around the gardens leading up to Sunday’s march. (For more about last year’s Harvest Arts Festival and Climate Convergence, see NYC Foodscape’s September 10, 2014 post, March, Eat and Learn During Weekend of Love for Mother Earth, September 20 and 21– with LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival, NYC Climate Convergence and People’s Climate March).

This year’s festival takes place from Friday evening, September 25 with an opening kickoff party through Sunday, September 27, and scheduled events include music, dance, performance, films, photography, puppets, environmental workshops, yoga — and at Campos Community Garden, the focus is on children’s garden arts activities and Sunday’s featured educational and delicious food-related events.

Here are the line-up of events at Campos for next weekend’s festival:

Friday, September 25, 2015

THE STORY OF A GARDEN: INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP by Campos Garden + Children from the University Settlement Cornerstone Program at Campos Plaza Community Center
3-5:30 p.m.
Children from the after-school program at the University Settlement’s Cornerstone Program at Campos Plaza Community Center will create garden stories on Friday, September 25. They will meet with master gardeners, Chris Batenhorst and Carolyn Zezima to first hear the Campos Garden story. Using collage materials including photos and leaves, the children will create their own garden stories. The storytelling exercise will be facilitated by master storyteller, Nancy Goldman. The story collages will be on display for the Arts Festival on Saturday, September 26 and on social media.

Photo by Nancy O’Grady


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday focuses on the children’s arts and other performance events.

12-3 p.m.
Art workshop for children making plaster casts with storytelling by Marietta B

GARDEN STORY COLLAGES by Children from University Settlement’s Cornerstone Program at Campos Plaza Community Center
12-5 p.m
Children from the after-school program at the University Settlement’s Cornerstone Program at Campos Plaza Community Center will create garden stories at Campos Community Garden on Friday, September 25 with the help of Campos gardeners and master storytellers. The story collages will be on display for the Arts Festival on Saturday, September 26 and on social media. Produced by Holly O’Grady, Founder of Garden Stories: Leadership Development, Campos Garden, Gardeners: Christopher Batenhorst, Carolyn Zezima, President of NYCFoodscape, and Storyteller, Nancy Goldman, Ed.D.

SPOKEN WORK & MUSIC OPEN JAM AND BBQ curated by Robert Galinsky
7-9 p.m.

By Robert Galinsky


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday is chock-full of food- and vegetable gardening-related activities, including our famous International Pot Luck, so be sure to stop by  and get a taste of harvest at Campos Community Garden.

Children’s Garden at Campos’ Herb Spiral

HERB SPIRAL GARDEN TOUR by Carolyn Zezima and Ian Weill
11 a.m. – noon
Learn the horticultural, culinary and nutritional benefits of the many companion plants and herbs in Children’s Garden at Campos’ new Herb Spiral, built this spring with the help of the local Boys Club of New York. An herb spiral is a permaculture garden that uses a spiral of rocks or bricks to contain soil and other filler to grow a diverse array of herbs. The stone acts as insulation for the plants, warming the soil and maximizing the use of space, water and other resources. Learn about the many benefits of this garden style for urban settings, small garden spaces, schools, areas with questionable soil or anywhere you want to put a gorgeous and unique conversation piece. A selection of fresh herbs bundles from the spiral and the Children’s Garden beds will be available with suggested donations benefitting the Children’s Garden at Campos.

Tarragon in Herb Spiral
Italian Basil in Herb Spiral













12 – 1:30 p.m.
Hands on demonstration of vegetable canning by the ever-entertaining “Queen of Canning, Classie Parker.

2 – 3 p.m.
Bengali cooking demonstration by husband and wife team Helen & Ahmed of their delicious and unique native recipes using fresh, garden-raised Bengali vegetables and ingredients.

Helen and Ahmed’s Bengali squash
Saving sunflower seeds

SEED SWAP AND FRESH HERB SALE hosted by Alexia Weidler & Carolyn Zezima
2 – 4 p.m.
Come swap seeds, tubers and cuttings from our collected bounty. Share information about your seeds, or earn more about varieties you have never grown.  Seed swaps offer gardeners and other community members the chance to cultivate a network of people to collectively develop and share seeds that support a more diverse and resilient local food supply. Seed swaps are a first step to building a community seed garden or even a full community seed bank. Bouquets of fresh, healthy and delicious herbs from Children’s Garden at Campos will also be available (with suggested donation) to flavor your next meal or dry at home for tea or winter use. Because this is a swap, please bring seeds to get seeds:

  • All organic, locally-grown/garden-grown, heirloom or non-hybrid varieties of seeds
  • Tubers, plants or cuttings
  • Small bags, envelopes or jars

Six Tips for Saving Seeds

Seed Saving Chart

5 –  7 p.m.
Our annual potluck dinner, sharing dishes made from vegetables grown right here at Campos Comm. Garden. Homemade food so fresh and tasty–NOT to be missed.

2014 International Food Day at Campos

6 – 8 p. m.
Wind down and trade stories about your favorite festival events.


All Weekend


This colorfield quilt was created for the Cultural Immigrant Invisible in the City exhibition supported by Arts Loisaida. From the Arts Loisaida Facebook page:  “Many people come to NYC to escape poverty, political and religious persecution or to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families. Frequently immigrants start out their careers in NYC By performing much needed services that allow our city to function, supporting people who work in other more highly paid professions such as corporations and government – the cooks, the bus boys, the delivery boys, house keepers, maids, nail salons, restaurants and bodegas, construction workers, taxi drivers and child care workers just to name a few. Our culture is enriched by the constant mingling with new and different cultures-our language, our music and dance, our culinary sensibilities, our perception of the world – all are altered – stretched and enriched by coming into contact with cultures different than our own. It makes New York a metropolis – a world city.”

The quilt will be raffled off in October to benefit Arts Loisaida and the exhibition artists. Raffle tickets will be available on sale for $5 each at Campos Garden at various times throughout the weekend.

Colorfield quilt for the Cultural Immigrant Invisible in the City.
Colorfield quilt for the Cultural Immigrant Invisible in the City — detail


Full Harvest Arts Festival Information

Dozens of other great performances, artists, music and events are happening all weekend throughout all the participating Lower East Side community gardens (including a concert at 4 p.m. on Saturday at 11BC Garden of Daniel Binelli’s Buenos Aires Suite, performed by Andrew Boltowsky on flute, Motomi Igarachi on double bass and Tomoko Sugawara on concert harp. Rain date is Sunday the 27th).

You can find out more about event locations and schedules below and here.

4th Annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival in the Gardens 2015

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