Harvest Home Farmers Market Launches Community App For Healthy Eating and Shopping


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As a board member for Harvest Home Farmers Market, it’s exciting to share the organization’s news that it has officially launched Eating for Good Health — a web and mobile phone app to improve nutrition literacy, increase availability and access to healthy foods, and help our consumers enjoy good nutrition that meets their personal health needs and those of their family members. It’s easy to sign up! And it’s FREE!

“Eating for Good Health’s unique value is the underlying technology that matches a user’s personal health profile and goals to scientific nutrition guidelines, ” says Harvest Home founder and CEO, Maritza Owens. In addition, the app includes news, events and educational resources for a healthy lifestyle. Community members can:

  • Search for recipes, ingredients and grocery items that match personal dietary restrictions and food preferences
  • Access information on community programs, educational resources, local news and events, including yours!
  • Locate farmers markets
  • Connect with friends and family members to learn about their nutritional needs and preferences
  • Connect with a personal registered dietitian or nutritionist for advanced guidance
  • Add family recipes, create meal combinations and check the nutritional content of favorite dishes
  • Find restaurant dishes that meet the special nutritional needs of family members
  • Build a personal library of food favorites

Harvest Home is inviting local organizations to help promote the launch of this community resource and encourage people to sign up. If you would like copies of palm cards we have created to promote the app, please contact Harvest Home at: freshenup@harvesthomefm.org.

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Harvest Home’s Vision for the App
Each week, Harvest Home provides fresh vegetables from local farms straight to our neighborhood markets. The app gives you ways to use the vegetables that are in season, says Owens. “How to cook them; how to store them; how to bring out the taste that pleases everyone; how to eat to look and feel better and healthier. Snacks, simple seasoning and delicious side dishes.

  • We promise to make the dishes tasty and quick because we understand that mothers, especially working mothers, do not have a lot of time.
  • We promise to make vegetables affordable
  • We’ll tell you how each vegetable or fruit makes you healthier”


You can join the Eating for Good Health community by signing up online at http://app.harvesthomefm.org/ and by downloading the Harvest Home Eating for Good Health app to your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Once you’re enrolled, please feel free to share the app with your networks and share your feedback or comments with Harvest Home.

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