UPDATE: Watch Webinar on the Many Benefits of Green Roofs: Grow Plants and Food, Improve Water Run-Off and Enhance Value

Hunter’s Point South Urban Farm, photo courtesy of Related Companies

As part of the release for her book, Sustainable Affordable Housing Management, NYC Foodscape’s Carolyn Zezima hosted a free webinar with publisher Vendome Group, LLC on green roofs on April 21st, called, Green Roofs—How to Add This Value-Enhancing Amenity in Multifamily Housing. 

This one-hour live webinar discussed how multifamily property owners, managers, and developers can install “green roofs” to grow food on site, help improve water run-off, air quality, and residents’ well-being; enhance the overall value of their properties; and comply with new “green” building and stormwater requirements that cities across the country are adopting. While local governments and utilities often offer generous incentives for installing green roofs, some cities are now requiring building owners to meet water run-off and green roofing standards—or pay increasingly high rates for sewer and stormwater fees.

Author Carolyn Zezima

Presented by sustainability and affordable housing expert, Carolyn Zezima and green roofs expert Mike Curry, the webinar covered:

  • What exactly a “green roof” is — various types and degrees
  • The pros & cons of installing a green roof
  • The push to require and incentivize green roofs in multifamily/affordable housing
  • The costs — and incentives that can help make a green roof more affordable

Even if you aren’t in housing, you will learn about the many benefits of putting a green roof on any type of building that can properly support and manage one.

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, Photo by NYC Foodscape

To listen to the Webinar, click here.  You can also download a copy of the presentation and a sample chapter from the book, “Creating a Successful Community Garden for Residents.”

Stuyvesant Town, photo by NYC Foodscape

About Sustainable Affordable Housing Management
JUST released this month, Carolyn Zezima’s new book on sustainability and affordable housing, called, Sustainable Affordable Housing Management: A Money-Saving Guide to Keeping Your Site Green, Healthy & Energy Efficient, published by Vendome Group, LLC. The book features chapters on sustainability planning, energy efficiency, green maintenance, food access and community gardens, and local, state and federal funding opportunities and encourages existing housing providers to take steps to make their communities healthier and safer for the residents that live there.

Author Carolyn Zezima has spoken to affordable housing and sustainability experts across the country, and has found that many sites report that when they adopt sustainability practices, they can trim operational costs, reduce environmental and health risks, and improve comfort for residents.

2016_SAHM_Cover_Final-2Even if you don’t work in housing, anyone who wants advice on creating sustainability plans, measuring success, conserving water and energy, and creating procedures for green practices, such as integrated pest management, green landscaping, green painting and cleaning, composting and recycling, creating healthy food access and gardens, and ways to fund these improvements will find this book valuable.

For more information about the book, see, New Book on Sustainable Affordable Housing Management by NYC Foodscape’s Carolyn Zezima Available Today or purchase a copy here.


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