Urban Farms and Gardens Past

Here are photos and information about other urban farm and gardening projects I’ve planned, installed and/or led in Chicago and in New York City:

Chicago: The Talking Farm and Home Gardening Photos 2005-2009

In 2006, I co-founded The Talking Farm in Evanston, Illinois and leading it through the nascent stage, and stewarding the organization toward an on-the-ground, sustainable existence. I planned and oversaw workshops on numerous urban agriculture and other horticulture topics, including composting, soil health, herb spirals, SPIN gardening, etc. While working on getting possession of land for our permanent 2-3 acre urban farm site, we created two “Mini-Farms and Outdoor Classrooms” (The Talking Farm/Kingsley School Green Acres and the Evanston High School Edible Acre) to showcase our mission and engage the community in urban agriculture. The Edible Acre was a joint project between The Talking Farm and the high school, designed, built, planned, planted and harvested by high school students under our supervision.

The Talking Farm Photos:
[fgallery id=6 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”Talking Farm Photos”]


Gardens Past:
[fgallery id=7 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”Home Garden Evanston”]


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Battery Urban Farm 2011-12

NYC Foodscape served as technical consultant to the Battery Conservancy’s Urban Farm at the Battery and helped plan and install it during its inaugural 2011 season and teach adults and children about the growing process.

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Nourishing NYC 2011

NYC Foodscape served as the Urban Agriculture Planning and Education Director for Nourishing NYC (now, Nourishing USA), planning the 500 SF garden space and teaching Junior Chefs about growing and cooking healthy food, as well as strategizing to scale up its community food program into a national organization that uses urban gardening to help educate and connect low-income families to nutrition and the environment

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