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Nifty Gadgets and Fancy Foods End Gift Worries, San Francisco Chronicle

Everyone Everywhere Loves a Pot of Chicken Soup, San Francisco Chronicle

Guide to Olives, San Francisco Chronicle

Cal Ag Gives $180K Grant to Industrial Farming Lobby Front Group to Clean Up Image of ‘Dirty Dozen,’ Food Systems Network NYC

Food Almanac 2011 Panelists Share Cautious Optimism for Regional Food and Farming Horizon, Food Systems Network NYC

Measure for Measure: Two Bills Before City Council Help Drive FoodWorks Vision Forward, Food Systems Network NYC

Food for the Future: PlaNYC-Proposal, Food Systems Network NYC (co-author)

Recipe for the Future of Food in New York City, Food Systems Network NYC (co-author)

The Mysterious Zinfandel, Food and Wine Affinities


Other Credits and Press Coverage

San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook, (recipe testing)

O Fudge! Sweet Song of Praise, San Francisco Chronicle (food styling)

Winners Announced in Four Seasons, Endless Reasons’ American Lamb Chefs Recipe Contest, Press Releases

Evanston Activists Plant Seeds for a `Talking Farm,’ Chicago Tribune

The Talking Farm Comes To Evanston, Evanstonian

Big Dig for the Talking Farm, Evanston Roundtable

The Talking Farm, Garden Insert Spring 2008, Evanston Roundtable

Committee Recommends MWRD Property for Talking Farm, (page 2) Evanston Roundtable

Mini-Farm Begins In Evanston, Seeks Volunteers, Evanstonian

Other Press Coverage for The Talking Farm


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