NYC Foodscape Hosts Everything’s on the Table – Episode 4 – Food, Community and Public Health

“For the food movement to place unstoppable pressure on policy makers and industrial food producers, it needs a very focused set of goals that emerge from a single root crisis that binds us all. Public […]

Everything’s on the Table: Food Systems Network NYC Hosts Radio Series on Heritage Radio Network

Tune in to Heritage Radio Network tomorrow to hear the first episode of Food Systems Network NYC 8-part series, “Everything’s on the Table, What’s the Recipe for the Future of Food in NYC,” every Thursday, from […]

What Does Your Candidate Have to Say about Food in New York City?

As Co-chair of the Policy Committee for the Food Systems Network NYC (FSNYC), I am tasked with leading food policy initiatives and developing advocacy statements to support these initiatives. FSNYC is a membership-based organization designed […]