Square Foot Garden Update: Cold Nights Hinder Greens Growth (Do I wait or go forward with summer?)

I am quickly learning that Square Foot Gardening project is proving quite a challenge when timing and replanting is everything.  As I previously described, the plot is 4’ by 4’ square, small indeed, but perfect for […]

Chef Patti Jackson Pairs Belgian Sour Beers with Unique Local Menu

Anytime you go to a theme dinner at Jimmy’s No. 43, you know you’re going to get good food and great beer, and with Jimmy Carbone being the event organizer that he is, you’ll also […]

Happy May Day–It’s Not Too Early for PESTO!

Pesto is such a summer recipe—how do we use all that fresh basil before it goes bolts or goes bad in our refrigerator? But you don’t have to wait until July to have tasty pesto. […]

Ramps and Spinach Appear as Early Spring Bounty Teasers

This past spectacular weekend brought spring into full glory and the Union Square farmer’s market was teaming with people who wanted to connect to nature through the food our farmers bring to the city. There’s […]

Campos Garden Showing New Life and Spring Colors

Here’s a brief interlude of how things are shaping up in my new gardening home at Campos Community Garden. The garden has done a 180 from its condition after last fall’s destruction from Sandy, thanks […]

Cleaning Out Baking Shelf = Indian Pakora (Vegetable Fritters)

My baking shelf was a mess: random open bags of interesting flours I bought with the intention of creating all kinds of gluten-free and other exotic goodies. But despite a stint as a pastry chef […]

“Our Global Kitchen” Brings Important Local and Global Food System Issues to Mainstream Forefront

I played some work-related hooky yesterday and finally ventured into New York’s notoriously crowded Museum of Natural History to see Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture exhibition. Yes, I know, it’s been open since November, but […]